Top Take-Up U Series Bucket Elevators

Top Take-Up U Series Bucket Elevators


Top Take-up U Series elevators are constructed with the take-up system in the head casing rather than the boot. This design allows for a curved bottom boot to reduce product build up and offers a better seal for fine and dusty materials.


Fine materials, such as sugar, salt, or flour, are known for being difficult to handle due to the dust and the ability to wear out bearings in the take-up area. That is why Universal Industries, Inc.® engineered the Top Take-up Series.


The Top Take-up U Series is offered in three different sizes that each have a range of capacities in order to hit your speed, and footprint requirements. Available in powder coated carbon, stainless, or galvanized steel with buckets available in HDPE, carbon steel, nylon and urethane.


Each Take-up U Series model offers an EASY DUMP® capacity rating that utilizes gravity discharge techniques to reduce product damage.


(EASY DUMP® speed, the speed suggested for gentle handling, is only guaranteed on the lowest capacity for each elevator).