The Grain Handler


The Grain Handler Inc. is a leading manufacturer of flat storage grain handling equipment. Specializing in on farm grain storage sites, The Grain Handler has a full line-up of products to finish making your operation more efficient. Among the many products available including, standard unload tubes for under your air floor to the very popular u-trough style unloads with power sweep, to horizontal and incline powerheads, the grain handler has the right piece for your puzzle. Along with the stationary components, the grain handler also offers a wide variety of accessories to make your site complete. We offer, carry in bin sweeps; unload flights, roof vents, and a wide variety of galvanized utility augers.


  • Rack & Pinion Gate controls

  • All welded construction

  • Fully assembled

  • Cast iron gearboxes with bevel gears

  • Power lock-out shift lever

  • Bin wall stop

  • Floor sweep w/ one bolt removal

  • Hanger bearings

  • 12" x 14" center gate, 12" x 12" intermediate gates

  • Adjustable drive wheel

  • Capacities

    •    8" : 2200-2600 bph

    • 10" : 4700-5600 bph



  • Horizontal and 23° Inclined models available

  • All welded constructions

  • Greasable hanger bearings

  • Rodent covers

  • Adjustable motor mount

  • Easy one bolt removal

  • Urethane belt guards for long life

  • Optional wheels for inclined model for ease of mobilization


  • 1-3/4" height adjustment

  • Adjustable length for close to wall operation

Double Reduction Drive Wheel
  • Largest drive reduction on the market

  • Heavy duty replaceable abrasion resistant molded urethane drive wheel

  • 32:1 drive ratio

  • Built with self lubricating brass bearings

  • Unique replaceable planetary gear drive system

  • Sealed housing to keep grain and dust out

  • Aggressive tread design knocks down clumps along the bin wall

9" Standard Drive Wheel
  • Durable Vulcanized Rubber

  • 1:1 drive ratio



  • Keeps large clumps out of auger system

  • Heavy duty welded steel construction

  • Easy 4-bolt gearbox attachment